GTM Research: Global PV monitoring market expected to hit 242GW in 2016


                                                          The Asia-Pacific region makes up 56% of the global PV monitoring total. Image: GTM ResearchA new report from GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting sheds new light on the global PV monitoring market.According to the 

                                                          Californian utility-scale solar surpasses wind for first time in 2015


                                                          CAISO reported that over the past five years, utility-scale solar generation in California increased from 1,000GWh to 15,592GWh, accounting for 6.7% of the system total in comparison to wind at 5.3%. Source:

                                                          Wacker expects polysilicon shipment growth but little in revenue gains in 2016


                                                          Wacker reported first quarter 2016 polysilicon segment sales of 273.1 million (US$309.9 million), an increase of around 13% from the prior quarter and down almost 6% from the prior year period, due primarily to ASP decl



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